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PEMF Therapy

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Strong Penetration

PEMF can penetrate 12 cm into the body, reach the lesions inside the body and stimulate the acupuncture points of the body, just like the principle of acupuncture. It can eliminate the fatigue accumulated in the main parts of the human body. It can also increase the cell transmembrane potential and accelerate the body's


PEMF Therapy Function

It promotes blood circulation and speeds up impurities removal. PEMF is harmless substance that is beneficial to humans, generate internal heat when it penetrates human tissue and is turned into joule fever by physicists. It has anti-inflammatory, pain relief effect, the effect of chronic inflammation is good. PEMF is electromagnetic. Replenish the magnetic energy of cells, thereby improving lymphocyte activity and enhancing disease resistance. It induces special heat energy inside the human body, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory analgesics and swelling. It can strengthen the vitality of blood cells and promote blood metabolism. It promotes the manufacture of new cells, the invigoration and regeneration of old cells, enhances resistance to disease and strengthens natural healing. It can also strengthen the waist and kidneys, improve the hormone endocrine energy, create vitality in the body. Changes in the body during the use of PEMF: the whole body metabolism is vigorous, pulse, breathing, body temperature returned to normal. Blood circulation is good, red blood cells transport nutrients sufficient, white blood cells, lymphocytes of the fungus effect is exuberant. Fatigue substances and harmful toxins are removed and the body's resistance is enhanced. Neurological disorders are removed, pain and inflammation are eliminated. Physical improvement, good looks, increased energy, clear-headed, refreshing spirit.