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HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat
HH026 Excellent Mat

HH026 Excellent Mat

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Product Description

HH026 Excellent Mat is equipped with 162 pieces natural Jade and 198 pieces round Tourmaline Gemstones and mesh lining adds flexibility. They bring your energy and mood levels closer to normal and at the same time produce the largest amount of negative ions, thereby helping the body to function more effectively.

You can use it comfortably on the floor, bed, sofa, recliner or even against the wall. Sleep on the mat overnight to extend the time you spend on promoting health. When these nature gemstones emits high levels of far infrared rays and negative ions, just turn up the heat and relax. These natural remedies will help improve your health and temporarily strengthen your circulatory system. Use intuitive controls to find your most comfortable temperature. Start a better health journey with a model that continues to prove itself.


Product Features

  • 100% Natural Tourmaline & Jade

  • Far Infrared Heating Therapy

  • Negative ions Therapy

  • Photon Technology

  • PEMF Technology

  • Durable Leather

  • Heat Resistant Mesh Fix Crystal and Tourmaline Ceramic Balls

  • Fast Heating

  • Intelligent Controller Precise time and temperature control

  • Overheating protection

Health Benefits

  • Create a soothing sleep environment

  • Provide more relaxing sleep

  • Increase memory ability, improve insomnia, treat headache

  • It has a clear therapeutic effect on the body's digestive system

  • Balance positive and negative energy

  • Eliminate mental tension and stress

  • Maintain physical and mental harmony metabolism

  • Eliminate body waste

  • It contributes to the health of the body's trachea and lungs

  • It helps with blood circulation problems

  • It can be of great help to relieve the body's pain and fatigue

  • Disease of the cardiopulmonary system have a powerful remission effect

  • Supplement the body's scarce trace elements and minerals

  • It can enhance the body's immunity, strengthen the body, soothe mood, improve the trachea, throat and respiratory diseases

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness



  • Photon & PEMF Technology

The principle of photon red light therapy is to transmit light energy to the cells in our body. When light particles touch the skin, the body's cells absorb energy. In the case of PEMF therapy, we use them to charge our cells.


Photon light can rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance. PEMF can restore healthy electric and biological magnetic fields.

  • Amazing Comfortable Superior

This boutique mat is long and wide enough for a comfortable sleep throughout the body

  • Full Body Comfortable Experience

The heat transferred through crystals and tourmaline ceramic balls feels like a deep massage, deeply relieve nerves.


Technical Specifications

  • Product Model: HH026 Excellent Mat

  • Stone Type: Natural Tourmaline & Jade

  • Material: PU Leather

  • Size: 60*150cm / 23.62*59.06in

  • Voltage: 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz

  • Heating Area: 40*119cm

  • Heating Power: 165W

  • Function: Heating, Photon & PEMF

  • Net Weight:

  • Total Weight:

  • Temperature Range: 30-70°C / 86-158°F